Did you know that you should be having your child’s eyes examined from when they’re a baby? It doesn’t matter that they can’t read; the muscles controlling their eyes can be monitored to ensure they’re working correctly.

The majority of eye conditions don’t have any symptoms, so your child can’t always tell you when they’re suffering. You should have your child’s eyes examined every 18 months to check for any developing problems that could be potentially harmful. We appreciate that having an eye examination isn’t the most exciting experience for a child. We’ve done everything we can to make your little one’s time with us at Ingram and Schofield as fun as possible.

Optometrist examines the sight of young girl

While you’re waiting to take your child into the test room, there is a small play area to keep them entertained; the real fun begins when they have their eyes tested.

At Ingram and Schofield your child’s sight is in the best hands because our optician specialises in working with children’s eye health.
Your little one’s vision will be thoroughly examined by a friendly and approachable optician. Their test will be conducted using a combination of specialist techniques, equipment and interactive testing to keep them focused and interested throughout their examination.

You will have plenty of opportunity to speak to the optician about any findings or queries you may have. You will then be handed over to a knowledgeable dispenser.

If your child needs eyewear, our dispenser has a wealth of experience when it comes to fitting children with glasses. We also have an impressive range of spectacles for youngsters at Ingram and Schofield. Rest assured that your child will leave us confident and happy in their new eyewear.